I can’t believe Ramadan is almost over. It always seems to take forever to get here and then passes by in the blink of an eye.
This month for me was very busy, probably the busiest Ramadan I’ve ever experienced. The long, hot, thirsty days were made even more arduous by our move. Boxes, packing, trashing and thrifting while fasting. Despite everything, we moved and are settling in and Ramadan has been wonderful. The move also robbed me of high-speed internet, which has a nuisance as far as school but not too much of a problem because I try to stay off of the internet during Ramadan anyway, hence the lack of posts.

I have also been sewing like a mad-woman for eid. Lack of money had me digging in my fabric stash for myself and the girls. More on that later…

In the move I came across a great little book entitled The Salah of Women that my mother in law gave to me. While I had a few goals for Ramadan, improving my salah was not one of them, but this book set me on that path. As I started reading about the importance of Salah and how Allah with ask us about concerning it I was inspired to read more and review my Salah.

I’m very glad I did so. There were a few things I was saying wrong and some sunnah of wudu I had been neglecting. Ma’shallah, this is a wonderful book. Every statement is supported by Holy Quran and Hadith with references, original Arabic text and English translation. It covers the importance of Salah, purity, wudu, the positions of Salah and everything that is recited in Salah. I recommend his book to all Muslim women and encourage ladies to regularly review their Salah. We may not always make a perfect wudu or a perfect salah, you wouldn’t want your supplication to be nullified becuase of a small act missed. But through regular refreshers, insha’allah perfect ibadah can be attained and the pleasure of Allah earned.
Now back to eid sewing.


Ramadan 2013, Day 1

The first day of fasting is almost over and I m happy to say I had a good day. It wasn’t too difficult, other than having a headache, but thats no suprise to me, I always have a headache on the first few days. Subahanallah, I completed the first Juz in Arabic and will be starting the second tonight, inshallah.

I think the hardest part of fasting for me is not the refraining from eating, but controlling the temper. It’s the summer, kids are out from school and home with me all day long, just being chatty, rambunctious people. It’s a test of patience to not yell at them or get angry when they do something undesirable. I was thinking to day that it is a blessing, because Allah gives us many second chances so to speak in Ramadan, he allows us to atone for past sins, to train our lower desires and to be the ideal Muslim, if even just for a month. We are our best selves during Radmadan.

For me, I think it is a chance to the best mother as well. This month teaches me patience and control, teaches me the things that make me angry are really not worth it. Whats worth it is being pleasing to Allah and controlling my temper, something  I hope to remember and practice long after Ramadan is over. Thank you Allah, for giving me this chance.

I was reading Muslimah in Reverie and she was sharing her goals for the month. I thought it was a nice post so I’ll do the same.

  1. Finish the entirety of Qur’an Majeed by reading a Juz  and a half a day. I realize to be able to finish in spite of uh, feminine setbacks, I’ll have to read a little more each day.
  2. Listen to Holy Qur’an with English translation.
  3. Make tarawih every night.
  4. Avoid the high caloric, high fat foods of iftaar and eat more whole foods, fruits and vegetables instead. 
  5. Teach the girls to memorize surah al-Fatihah.

While these goals may seem pretty basic, most of them mandatory, Allah knows what I have struggled with in the past. May Allah allow me to be successful in reaching these goals.