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La ilaha illallah is Hussain!


It is the Christian belief that Jesus (peace be upon him) gave his life for the sake of his followers, spilled his blood to wash away their sins. We as Muslims know this to be a falicy, as Isa bin Maryam was raised by Allah to the heavens.

Indeed it is the noble Imam Hussain Ibn Ali, Allah bless his name, the grandson of Nabi Muhammad who lay down his life for the sake of believers. But his blood shed wasn’t an expiation of sins, but a lesson in taqwa for all rightly guided men and women who take heed, to never submit to anyone or anything, save Allah ta a’la.

Fear is worship, to fear anything is to give it dominance over oneself. ┬áTo fear a thing is to bow before it and take it as your ila. Imam Hussain knew no fear. Going forth into battle he didn’t fear death, he didn’t fear the outcome. He didn’t fear being separated from his family, or what would happen to them if he were to be slew on the battlefield. He didn’t fear Yazid the Cursed or his worldly power. He only feared Allah and, with that refused to submit to the tyrant, for he lived his life in pure submission to the One God.

Murshid Kamil has stressed that we look for the lesson in the Tragedy or Karbala and this is the lesson I see: Never chose to live as a dog, when you can die as a lion. Imam Hussain could have accepted the offer or Yazid, bowed to him and spared his own life and those of his family. But he chose to honor the covenant with Allah, and only submit to Him. By giving his life his showed the true meaning of “La ilaha illallah

He left this legacy for all Mutaqueen, to live and die, as lions.