Baby oh baby!

Ah, school is over, summer is coming. And I need to dust off the cobwebs. I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in so long. I simply had a lot on my plate I was taking my final pre-requisite, a math class, a subject at which I am tragically inept at. I also found out, three weeks into the semester that I was expecting, baby number three at one of the most inconvenient times. But al-hamdulillah, I am so very happy, I wanted a another baby for a while and didn’t think it would happen.
Fast forward 16 weeks and ma’shallah I passed the math class, baby is progressing and I am just enjoying the joy of not having to do anything but enjoy the rest of my term and spending time with my children. I have a lot planned for the summer, and I want to make a few handmade things for the baby. I look forward to that.

My biggest goal for the summer is to get my five year old reading. She already knows letters, phonics and some blends but I really want to push her to read. I think she’s ready and if she and I can do it together, it will be a big accomplishment for the both of us.

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