Wild Yeast and Starters

I have been watching a great channel on YouTube called Kirsten Dirskin of Fair Companies. The channel features mini documentary on tiny homes, simple living and eco-friendly products. So cool. Anyway I saw a great upload the other day about a couple who live in California and engage in  what they call radical home-ec, which is basically self reliance in a urban area.

Watch it here: Self-reliance in LA

Anyway there was part on the video where the couple were talking about bread starters and it got me intrigued. If you don’t know what a “starter” is, it is a natrual yeast for bread making made from flour and water. You mix flour with water for a few days and let it ferment and in a few days you have yeast for baking.

Now i have heard of starters before but he made it look so simple on the video that I thought, ‘okay, I can do this’. I love baking bread and if I can make it from scratch start to finish, including the yeast, why not.

I found more information on raising a starter here, but I am horrible at following directions and much too impatient to be measuring anything. So I have a little dish of yeasty smelling flour and water in the kitchen now, from my own measurements. This only day 2 of my little culture, t’ll take a few days to come “alive” but I’m going to take some pictures and hopefully bake with it.

Oh and the couple in the video have a fantastic site, rootsimple.com, you will love it. I know I do.


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