Duas for Children

I was on my favorite website (amazon.com) a few months ago looking for a dua book for children, I found a few but wasn’t able to order at the time. (dumb overdrafts!) Anyway I found a very nice and exciting pdf book. Essential Duas in the life of  a Muslim is a wonderful, free dua book that is for 1st-7th grade, with advanced duas after 7th. It is exactly what I was looking for and is way better then what I was going to get on the other website. 

The Arabic is given first in medium easy to read print (with harakah), followed by English translation and then supporting hadith and or originating sources. It doesn’t’ get any better than that!
Oh wait, yes it does. The grade one duas are short and start with the kalimahs so I printed out the first chapter and have been doing these little duas daily with my girls and they have both memorized two each. It’s really uplifting to hear my 2 and 3 year old say the dua before going to bed or before leaving the house or entering the restroom. The added benefit is that I am learning new ones along with them, and duas I have forgotten to say in the past, I find myself saying now for small actions. Subhanallah. 
This can easily be incorporated into daily learning or home-school curriculum. Go download it and get started on some duas!

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