Cut and Paste

Because I go to school online, I am always looking for ways to occupy my girls during my study time. Tonight I cam up with a genius activity that is fun and interesting for them, but educational at the same time.
I gave them safety scissors, an old Better Homes and Gardens and I showed them how to cut out the pictures. My 3 year old got it in one go, the 2 year old not so much. she just cut the pictures up to bits. But that’s okay, because she was quiet.
After she cut out a bunch of food pictures, I got out the construction paper and let her glue them on, oh the silence as little busy hands worked. I love it!

The great thing is that while they are having fun they are also improving fine motor skills by not just cutting the pictures, but cutting around them. Encourage your child to cut the outline of the picture. Sorting -which is a fundamental skill for toddlers- can also be improved upon by having them cut only food, animal, or shoe pictures. Or maybe they can just cut a particular color, the possibilities are almost endless.

What you need:
Old magazines
Glue Sticks (less messy than the Elmer’s)
Construction paper
Safety scissors
Shaped scissors (zig-zag, scalloped)

Have fun!

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