Minding My Business

I’ve been working on restructuring my business, and since the past three years have been about having and raising babies, I really have not had time to give attention to my actual craft: sewing. Specially, sewing handbags. I’ve been forced to take a break from making and selling anything, but it has turned out to be a pretty advantageous break because I have been really developing my product.
Using this break I have been designing my line, drafting my patterns, experimenting with different techniques and textiles, and I’ve even dipped my toes into branding. I’ve sold very few bags but what I did has come a long way from when I started and I am personally proud of each one and the level of detail I put into it.
That having been said I’m ready to really get back into it but I have a dilemma… my children. Much as I love those two lovebugs, I find it very daunting to be productive with them around. It takes me a week to finish an order that should only take a day and its such a stop and start process that often I forget where I was and what I was going to do. Aaarrgggh!
I want to know how other moms do it.
How do you balance a home based business and children at the same time?
Well my internet searches were unscuessful, all I came across was a bunch of work at home scams, but I did find this article about two mothers who opened a business together while raising their young children and then wrote a book about it. The book is called Mom Inc.: How to Raise Your Family and Your Business Without Losing Your Mind or Your Shirt. I’m definitely going to have to order it because just reading the article I found some information useful. I guess I’ll write a review after I read the book.
Well my girls are sleep, lets see if I can sew for at least an hour. Good night.

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