Potty time

One full week without diapers! Yea for us! It has been really tying but Nabihah has gone all week without wearing a diaper except for at night and I’m really proud of her and myself. She still isn’t at the point where she tells me she has to go but she seems to be getting more comfortable with going to the toilet.
We got a seat that goes right on the toilet, perfect for little bottoms with Dora on it, she loves Dora. And do you want to know a little trick I learned? If your child doesn’t like going “potty”, change your terminology. I started just calling jtthe toilet and she developed a less tearful approach, she still whines about having to go, but not like when I was telling her to go potty.
Anyway this is a milestone for me and I believe with Allah’s help and me being consistent, inshallah she should be trained before her 3rd birthday. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

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