Masjid Behavior

During my EId vacation in GA I had the displeasure of being kicked out of the masjid because of my daughter. Yes thats right, Nabihah was screaming and playing so loud in the masjid during maghrib salat that the imam stopped the prayer and asked that the child be removed. Talk about major embarrassment! Anyway once I got over my embarrassment I really started thinking about her behavior in the masjid and the fact that she was being wild is my fault because I haven’t taught her how to act in a masjid.
So my question is, how do you teach a 2 1/2 year old about the adaab of the masjid? Well vie been teaching her at home, when I pray I tell her to sit and be quiet, not really expecting her to be still but to at least be quiet.
It’s not really working, she still climbs on me when I’m praying but I’m going to keep at her, because I want her to be well behaved in the house of Allah. And also because I don’t want to vet kicked out of the masjid again!

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